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Customized silo making equipment

Posté : 23 sept. 2019 03:11
par jghuy76
The spiral steel silo equipments made by Shanghai silo machinery equipment Co. Ltd.
are with advanced technology and reasonable structure,applicable to the following material:
Galvanized steel, nickel plated steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy board, composite panels, ordinary black plate, plastic coated metal plate.
The set of equipment includes the following several parts:
A. Forming machine: the material bending and the preliminary processing forming surface, but at the same time, material bending into required silo diameter round.
B.Bending machine: will cooperate with prepared material bending, seaming and rolling together, and at the same time spiral into a barrel.
C.Decoiling machine: to spread the coil strip on it.
D.Bearing supports: can give the right diameter of silo, lift up the silo body affixed it,bear spiral rising silo body.
Technical specifications are as follows:
SM30 spiral steel silo equipment
Steel strip thickness:1.5-3mm
Useful width:for 495mm steel strip,about 380mm-400mm
Diameter range:3-10m
Feed speed:3-5m/minCustomized silo making equipment