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China Hot Water Pressure Washer

Posté : 11 juil. 2019 06:39
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1. Product Principle:
The impact of water is greater than the adhesion between dirt and the surface of the object. High-pressure water will peel off the dirt and wash it away to achieve a cleaning equipment for cleaning the surface of the object. Because it is to use high pressure water column to clean dirt, unless it is very stubborn oil stains need to add a little detergent, otherwise the strong water pressure generated foam is enough to take away the general dirt.
2.1 trademark; 2 inlets; 3 rear wheels; 4 cleaner suction nozzles; 5 high-pressure water pipes; 6 power lines; 7 temperature control switches; 8 power switches; 9 high-pressure water guns; 10 shields; 11 front wheels; 12 chassis; 13 motors, high-pressure pump assembly; 14 heaters; 15 nozzles and ignition electrode assembly; 16 chimneys; 17 car handrails; 18 oil tanks; 19 butts; 20 fuel filters; 21 oil pumps; 22 fans; 23 high-pressure ignition coils In order to be familiar with its structure and working principle.
3.Scope of application
1. Cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, construction vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery supporting products, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors, etc. It is the most ideal cleaning tool for individual and small vehicle maintenance units to clean automobiles and motorcycles.
Oil Pollution Cleaning in Equipment Maintenance
2. Cleaning the exterior walls, floors, baths and swimming pools of buildings is especially effective for doors and windows, floors, toilets, oil stains and corners that are difficult to be cleaned manually.
3. Disinfection and cleaning of food processing plants, food processing machinery and kitchens in hotels and restaurants.
4. Ultra-high pressure cleaner with more than 500 bar can chisel concrete. High pressure cleaner with higher pressure can even cut and chisel all kinds of labeled concrete.China Hot Water Pressure Washer