Simple tips for beginners to write a novel

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Simple tips for beginners to write a novel

Message par HowardPocky » 11 juin 2019 10:50

Writing a novel is scary for any writer, even an experienced one. However, it is an exciting adventure, and if you have a passion for writing and know the basic principles for producing a great novel, you have every opportunity to find great things that you will definitely find in your readers after publication.

Of course, current trends should be considered, but writing about something that really is not your thing will not do any good. The readers are intuitive enough to feel the lack of passion in their narrative. So try to write about something that really interests you.
Storytelling from the point of view of a third person has many advantages. One of the main reasons is that as a writer you have more freedom of expression. While the first person's perspective restricts the presentation of the story through the perception of an individual, in third-person novels you have the opportunity to present scenes from the perspective of other characters.

Do not abuse the word "SAYS"
If you have many conversations in your story, you must use "he said" or "she said" in the lines of the dialogues. Maybe you are a beginner and never thought that a problem could arise here. Even though the verb "said" is quite invisible, it bores your reader very quickly when used excessively. To avoid this, replace "said" with other verbs that point to language. However, be careful not to get carried away with synonyms to keep your readers dizzy by saturating the emotions through, for example, verbs such as "shouting", "insisting," shouting, "he answered, 'he will laugh,' he said shouted "etc.

Suspensive use
Tension is the element of fiction that can attract the reader and make him read more until the end of the story. Some non-fiction books can also benefit from the tension of storytelling if used properly. When making horror movies, tension music is one of the effective ways to create an atmosphere of fear. Writers can not use music for this purpose, so they have to go the extra mile and develop the necessary mood with words. To achieve effective "hold," you can use some of the many methods, such as: For example, use short sentences, add time restrictions, change the perspective of the characters in important ways, and so on.

Let your character have a pet
In the third person novels, the author can describe events from the perspective of many characters. This brings a lot of flexibility in describing several scenes in the story. However, if you let your character have a pet, either a beloved cat, dog, parrot, or even a mouse, you will get an extra opportunity for the reader to know what's really about you, think what's going on.